Health Insurance

Why Health Insurance for Nannies Matters

As the American populations ages, more families are looking for in-home care for elderly loved ones.  Some seek help because their relative is not at a point where they need round the clock care, but can’t be left alone while their children work.  Even those who work from home see having a care giver for their mom or dad allows them to focus on their work, which for some is in a detached structure, studio or out-building.  Knowing there is someone in the home to prepare meals, dispense medicine, drive them to appointments and take them out socially allows them to continue pursuing their career while their parent receives the attention they need to safeguard their lives.

Getting squeezed between caring for growing children, spouses and aging parents puts pressure on women, who by and large provide most of the care.  This leads to the Super Woman syndrome, where women feel they care for everybody but themselves.  Lack of self-care can lead to serious health problems if there is no way to open the pressure valve.  Fortunately, for most families, they can find a solution by contacting and hiring someone to look after their family member. provides in-home care for the elderly, childrenand pets.  You can search Groupon for coupon codes that will save as much as 25% off subscriptions for your in-home care needs.

They even offer Nanny Care health insurance plans for their caregivers through their partner Stride Health so long-term workers can get access to insurance benefits they won’t find elsewhere like, dental care, health care and even unemployment benefits in some cases. This is an important addition and a real benefit for those who worked long hours, even years for families in some cases, and never had the insurance to meet their own health needs.  Now they can tie into the insurance marketplace and find a policy that fits their budget.

There are now more people over the age of 65 than at any other time in US history.  As they retire and slow down due to age-related illness, disabilities or mental frailty, the need for experienced care givers will dramatically increase. allows you to find a person that fits your needs quickly, and allows you to vet them thoroughly. And if you,have an interest in working in this field, you can put your information on their website once you are approved so you can get matched with a family that needs you.  There are many services offered by that are tailored to fill the needs of today’s family dynamics.  Take a look at what they offer, and get in touch with them today.